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Our Story

Committed to mobilizing research into action, Active Aging Society founders, Active Aging Research Team at UBC researchers Heather McKay and Joanie Sims-Gould were consulted as content matter experts in the development of the BC Healthy Families Policy and the ensuing Physical Activity Strategy.

From there, McKay and Sims-Gould founded the Active Aging Society as a mechanism to support organizations to provide programs and interventions that support the health and well-being of their clients. Choose to Move is the signature initiative of the Active Aging Society and has had huge success in BC and beyond.

Choose to Move has improved the health of thousands of BC seniors. The delivery model empowers a range of organizations to champion Choose to Move – and seniors’ wellness – for their communities. 

​The Active Aging Society collaborates with a diversity of community organizations, all levels of governments, and funders to implement and sustain health-promoting opportunities for seniors that enable them to lead independent, active lives.

The Active Aging Society will promote and deliver the most effective programs and supports to keep older adults healthy in their community and will collaborate with seniors serving organizations, governments, and funders to implement programs that work. 

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