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The Active Aging Society champions the physical, social, and mental health of older adults in British Columbia. For over a decade, we have provided solutions to keep seniors mobile and socially connected. 


We are guided by evidence to implement, scale, and sustain health-promoting innovations that work. To create healthy communities and healthy places to age well, we need large-scale solutions that turn knowledge into action.


We know that community organizations and leadership are key to creating sustainable change. The Active Aging Society values our network of community-based organizations, researchers, community leaders, and delivery partners. 

We support seniors across British Columbia and beyond to become active and connected for health so that they can enjoy independent, mobile living.

The Active Aging Society strives to ensure that the principles of equity and inclusion are embedded in all of our initiatives and operations. Through our work, we endeavour to build sustainable, meaningful capacity in communities so that they can continue to promote the health of older adults now and into the future.


We promote seniors' physical, social, and mental health in British Columbia and beyond.


Seniors live healthy, active, connected lives in their communities.

How we deliver

With partners spanning academia, health, and community services, we foster collaboration

to implement and scale effective solutions to keep seniors active and socially connected.


Through the provision of information, training and evidence-based, initiatives we will:



organizations committed to serving seniors



initiatives into existing health systems



mobility-disability, social isolation, and loneliness



physical, social, and mental health of seniors



local-level, community capacity

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