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The Active Aging Society promotes the physical, social, and mental health of older adults in British Columbia. We engage scholars, community stakeholders, and municipal and provincial government partners to address and respond to needs, challenges and provide opportunities for our aging society. We are guided by and generate evidence to scale and sustain innovations that work.


We are committed to ‘changing the narrative’ about seniors in B.C. by addressing issues across the spectrum of healthy public policy to opportunities for seniors to learn, move and connect. For over a decade, we have provided solutions to keep seniors active and socially connected.


The Active Aging Society is dedicated to supporting older adults across British Columbia and beyond to enjoy healthy and independent lives throughout their senior years. At the Active Aging Society, we engage communities to invest in health through physical activity and social connectedness programming for older adults, based on the best scientific evidence.


We believe we need large-scale solutions that turn knowledge into action and we know that community partnerships are key to creating change.Through our established network of other researchers, community leaders, NGOs, and delivery organizations we have been able to create partnerships to actually design and take the necessary steps to moving the dial on older adult health.


We aim to shift the ‘ill health’, ‘seniors cost money’ narrative towards what is truly possible should we invest in effective ways to get B.C. seniors moving and connected.


Through a suite of initiatives called Active Aging BC (ABC), the Active Aging Society connects stakeholders in healthy aging across BC.  The global aim of ABC is to build capacity with communities by activating organizations that access underserved seniors to deliver and sustain ABC initiatives; to create big impact through improved mobility, physical and mental health for seniors, especially those at greatest risk of frailty. We aim to do so at broad scale across B.C. We put evidence-based, flexible tools in the hands of local organizations and support them to mobilize their own assets to improve the health and lives of seniors.


ABC comprises two signature initiatives: Choose to Move and Active Aging Grants.














Over the next 5 years, we will enhance partnerships, extend the reach of ABC initiatives across B.C., and adapt Choose to Move and Active Aging Grants to meet the needs of seniors who live in remote and rural regions of B.C., are foreign-born or new Canadians or who have mobility-disability and/or do not readily engage with their communities. 


By 2024 we aim to reach 40% of eligible B.C. seniors (350,000). 


Connect organizations committed to serving seniors


Integrate initiatives into existing health systems


Prevent mobility disability, loneliness and other physical and mental health problems that plague B.C. seniors and place an economic strain on B.C.’s health care system 


Enhance the physical, social and mental health of seniors through the provision of information, training and evidence-based, highly effective community-based initiatives 


Build local-level, community capacity that responds and adapts to the need for seniors’ to be physically active and socially connected