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Grandmother using walker holding granddaughter's hand - in a park.


If you are interested in participating in Choose to Move, visit today!

Choose to Move is not a “one-size-fits-all,” prescriptive program; instead, it combines a person-centred approach with opportunities for seniors to connect. Seniors develop a personalized action plan with an ‘activity coach’. Seniors choose activities based on physical capacity and their personal preferences. Activities range from fitness classes offered in local communities (e.g., Tai Chi, chair yoga) to individual or group activities (e.g., gardening, walking). Seniors learn to monitor and adjust their goals and activities--a lifelong skill--with support from their activity coach. Facilitated group meetings provide a space for participants to share experiences, ideas and information (e.g. self-care) and to actively engage with their community. 

In partnership with large and small community organizations, since 2014 the Active Aging Society delivered Choose to Move across all five health authorities to 7,400+ seniors at 90+ community sites through 750+ programs. We did so in close collaboration with over 90 partner organizations, over 150 organization leads, and over 230 trained activity coaches. 

Choose to Move was developed by Professor Heather McKay, Associate Professor Joanie Sims-Gould and the Active Aging Research Team at the University of British Columbia. The Active Aging Society stewards Choose to Move.


To explore the reach, scope, impact, and future of Choose to Move, click on the buttons below.

Grandmother using walker holding granddaughter's hand - in a park.


If you represent an organization that is interested in offering Choose to Move, click here.

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